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Q. How much Grade 8 Base should I use for my paver patio?
A. You should install the Grade 8 gravel at an approx. depth of 4” – 6”, compacted every 2” for non-vehicular applications, such as a patio and walkway. For vehicular applications, such as a driveway, you should install 8” – 10” of Grade 8 Gravel, compacted every 2”. Of course, you should check with your village for any special requirements they may have.

Q. How much drainage rock should I use for my drain tile installation?
A. For 16” trench, X 1’ wide, I would recommend 1 cubic yard of the ¾” Washed Gravel per 30’ – 35’ when a 4” Drain Tile is being installed. Again, you may want to check with your village for any special requirements they may have.

Q. Which stone is better for a dog run?
A. For larger dogs, we suggest you should use a larger stone, i.e. 1” – 1.5” Washed Gravel. For smaller breeds, we suggest you should use the ¾” Washed Gravel.

Q. What is minimum delivery?
A. Our minimum delivery amount is 2 cubic yards.

Q. What if I need smaller amounts?
A. You can come to our location here in Roselle, IL and pick up smaller amounts. We can load a pick up truck with our loader.

Q. How does buying in bulk compare to buying in bags?
A. Buying gravel/stone in bulk is usually less expensive. For example, most gravels at bigger box stores are shipped in .5 cubic foot bags. You will need 54 bags to make 1 cubic yard (27 cubic fee = 1 cubic yard) of gravel. Typically a bag costs between $3.00 – $4.00 at an average of $3.50 = 54 bags would cost $189.00 per yard by the bag. We sell pea gravel for approx. $37.00 per cubic yard. See the savings.

Q. What is the average coverage of gravel?
A. Depends on compaction, however, a good general rule of thumb is 1 cubic yard will cover approx. 100 – 125 sq. ft. @ 2” depth.